Rumor: Lots of leaked details about Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet

Rumor: Lots of leaked details about Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet

The Pokemon series is no stranger to pre-release information leaks, and something similar may now be happening with Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet. Although the titles are still a few months out, unconfirmed details have been popping up over the past few days.

The source seems to have originated from a Chinese leaker, and Twitter outlets like CentroLeaks and Pkmnleak have been rounding up the information. Tidbits cover new Pokemon, which creatures are / aren’t returning, the Pokedex, a new gimmick, and more.

Here’s the full roundup:

– Wooper gets a Poison type regional form
– It evolves into a brand new Pokemon, not Quagsire
– There’s no new Eevee evolution
– Joltik, Milotic, Wailord, Metagross, Jynx and Golurk are not in the game
– Pokemon will time travel, but the player will not
– 3 cities, 9 towns in the region
– 300-500 Pokemon in the Regional Dex; supposedly over 400
– Garchomp is in the game
– DLC planned
– Mega Evolutions not returning
– Durnsparce has a new evolution
– There’s a new Dolphin Pokemon
– Murkrow has a new evolution
– Fuecoco final evolution still an alligator
– No new Fossil Pokemon
– New flamingo Pokemon
– Not all Hisuian Pokemon are in the game
– The gimmick doesn’t involve Pokemon getting an extra type
– There are sidequests in the game
– Teddiursa, Komala, Rotom, Goodra and Sunflora are in the game
– Woobat is not in the game
– There is a group of 4 legendaries
– All Pokemon can use the new gimmick
– Lugia/Ho-Oh are not in
– When asked about the Champion, the leaker said both male/female when asked the gender (so maybe version exclusive champions)
– Dunsparece evo does not fly
– Aipom, Toucannon are not in
– Misdreavous is in
– There is no new Dodrio form
– Koraidon/Miraidon do not have 5 forms
– Furfrou, Minior are not in the game
– Skwovet is in the game
– Houndour line is in the game
– Weezing is in the game
– Gen 9 starters are the only starters in the game (at least in the main adventure)
– Wigglytuff may be getting a regional form but hasn’t been explicitly stated
– The new gimmick: you can transform any Pokemon into that crystalized look by using a new item that looks like a ball, that Nemona gives you
– A Gen 5 Pokemon gets a new evolution
– Amoonguss and Wigglytuff will be a new kind of Pokémon introduced in Gen 9; not regional forms, not Evolutions, but a new concept
– The crystallization gimmick seems to power up types, so it’s like gaining an additional STAB; Ex: you can power up Pikachu to get a Fire type boost (but it won’t get additional weaknesses)
– Gyms can be done in any order, however there is no scaling
– You must clear “3 routes/quests” to see the ending; those are not past/present/future, we don’t know what they are exactly
– You can re-battle gym leaders
– Lechonk’s evolution has a gender difference
– Mimikyu and Magikarp are in, but not Applin
– No difficulty options
– Elite 4 is back
– There are classes, exams and interviews in the game
– Apparently there’s a hammer Pokemon or at least one that uses a hammer
– Tauros has a new regional form
– Overworld shinies are “probably” back
– Trainer customization is more limited; all clothing options are school uniforms
– A new Pokemon that looks similar to Dugtrio
– The main game took like 60 hours to the leaker, though they admit they are not particularly good
– A child becomes one of the Elite 4
– There’s a “bonding quest” (whatever that is) that Eevee fans will enjoy
– There aren’t any cameos from old characters in the main story
– The ancient forms are completely different Pokemon, with a different Pokedex number and name; they are not just forms
– Both the original Pokemon and the fake/ancient versions are in the game
– All Fossil Pokemon are not back
– There’s no bike in this game, instead you ride Koraidon / Miraidon
– While riding you move very fast and you can still catch and battle Pokemon
– You can also climb, swim, and fly with them
– There’s no fishing in this game
– There’s a new auction house where you can buy items (not sell); you participate with other NPCs

Some blurry images have also been appearing, which we have below. Keep in mind that all of these points and pictures have not been confirmed as legitimate at this time.

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet are due out for Switch on November 18, 2022.

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